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artflower's Journal

-insert cool subtitle here-


I'm a bad bad bio writer. Sorry. I don't have the nerves to do something cool and creative here right now. I'm always stressed so I don't have nerve to do something creative AT ALL ever since I started my school to become a graphics designer. I love green. Nearly all my blog entries start with "I" which bothers me. I never have time because I'm doing stuff for school, for the dancing group in a musical association or the costumes that I sew for other people (and sometimes me). I am a tailor already. I'm always short of money (who isnt?).
I like animanga especially Naruto, DNAngel, Kenshin and Bleach. I don't read that much anymore (sadly), but I'm one of the million Harry Potter fans in the world. I also love books by Michael Ende (apart from Jim Knopf). I don't watch a special TV Show, but when I'm home alone the whole day, I have my tv running on Vox from morning to whenever someone returns to me, even though I nearly never watch but only listen when doing something else (to kill the silence). I'm not music addicted. I like music, especially soundtracks, but If I'd have to choose between deaf and blind, I'd choose deaf (not that I want it). I paint a lot and like to take and watch photographs, that's why I want to see.

I eat nearly everything but drinking is more difficult because I get sick when I have to drink water, tea or coffee. I love pasta, I think it's my all-favourite.

//EDIT: wow that's quite old. Hm. But still fits. Add the following:
I became an addicted cosplayer. I'm not in the Musical Association anymore because I moved away. I'm always broke. Add Full Metal Alchemist to my favourite Anime Series. And I still love to watch Stargate because of Michael Shanks ;D
Oh I forgot: I'm a nose-fetishist.


stolen by moni