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Wihiiiiiiii meine neue Kameratasche ist da^^

Eigentlich mag ich ja kein Pink, aber irgendwie siehts einfach nur geil aus......meine Cam passt perfekt mit einem Objektiv rein und sie ist bequem und toll und überhaupt XD
Geld hab ich natürlich eigentlich auch nicht, aber ich hab auch keine Lust die nächste Con-Saison nochmal mit der alten Tasche zu bestreiten, die ist einfach total ätzend zu handhaben.




Ich will es, will es, will es SOFORT! Es soll keine direkte Fortsetzung sein.....vll bin ich also fürchterlich entäuscht.........aber der Typ schreibt so gut......ich bin so gespannt XD
Schade das es wohl nur Lyra featuren wird. Aber ich werde mir gleich mal geilomat Lyra's Oxford bestellen, auch wenn ich eigentlich kein Geld hab und das nur eine Kurzgeschichte ist.

Ich glaube ich fand His Dark Materials wirklich gut.

Freddie Highmore wäre so ein perfekter Will. Schade das er schon die Stimme von Pantalaimon ist.

yay for spending too much money.

I am writing from my (as good as) all new super-duper pc^^ I love it, now I'm completely broke again, but who cares? I need one for school here in Bonn....I'll be even more broke when it's christmas, but what can you do XD
Everything is pretty new, because.........no windows. No, I didn't buy an apple XD We're using Kubuntu on it, and it's so pretty^^ I feel like a complete idiot because I can't do anything on it, but it's pretty. But Lars managed to make at least PS 7 work what makes me feel comfy with it. I don't want to think about all the things I've yet to figure out XD

I can't decide on the cosplays for next year T_T. But I ordered my Glinda fabric (30 meters XXXXXXXXD) and the paillettes. School does still suck very much. We don't have a classroom because it's used for the diploma exhibition -.-

gaming for dummis

So thanks to Moni I have Final Fantasy X lying around. However, I'm so stupid when it comes to games, I don't even manage to get to the first saving point. Since this game has (at least in this small part I played) loads of animation and video parts, it's a bit annoying to do all that again. Any ideas? -.-

think pink

I had the pretty wild idea to buy something expensive from the money I earn with my comissions this summer. I thought about an ipod. I looked up different ipods at amazon and remembered the creative zen V plus. So I looked it up as well, and it was really pretty AND promised drag and drop file upload. It also seemed to have a wonderful design with green. So at monday we went to Saturn because they had a special offer. Sadly in original state the zen wasn't so pretty, the design was still great but the material looked cheap and the green was.......neon. I decided against it and turned on ipod instead but it was muuuuch more expensive than on amazon. So I didn't buy it.
Being at Saturn, Lars and I went around to look for other technical stuff because we like doing this so much. Around in the gaming corner I got the idea of buying a ps2 because we thought about that for about one and a half year. So we checked and found three different offers:

1. ps2, one controller - 129 Euro
2. ps2, one controller, two games - 149 Euro
3. ps2, two controllers, memory card - 159 Euro

We need two controllers or we won't be able to fight us with Tekken. And in case we ever want to use eye toy or singstar, we need a memory card. Get one memory card and one controller and you pay around 60 Euros, that meant the third offer was best for us.
We still went around to see if there was something cheaper, but didn't find something.
Well. Great offer, but you know, it's not that everything was alright with that ------------------- it was PINK. Really pink. I bought it nevertheless. But I still have to stare when I see it.

Lars also bought a game in an instant: Eyetoy kinetic combat (including cam of course)  - and it's great. But exhausting XD I, of course, want .hack and since nearly every cosplayer seems to love it, final fantasy x 2. But hey, I just spent the money on the ps itself -.-

omg I own somthing like this o.O

Anyone interested in a ps1? We don't need ours anymore ;D Contains two controllers, memory card, mod-chip installed (you can play copied games) - 40 Euro^^ (is about what we payed for it).